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Customer Relationship Management

Course Summary

1.0 day
Course Overview

In this course, participants learn how to create customer loyalty, develop a market intelligence enterprise, and effectively implement customer relationship management. This program explores the costs and outcomes of CRM, CRM pre-implementation strategies, the CRM implementation process, tactics used to test CRM, and ways to modify operations costs to become customer focused. This program also covers managing customer relationships over the Internet (eCRM), eCRM characteristics, process automation with eCRM, and customizing eCRM interfaces for each type of user role.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Successfully create customer loyalty
Define the four marketing tiers
Define the four types of CRM
Define the CRM process, and evaluate critical success factors
Manage customer relationships over the Internet
Recognize the characteristics of eCRM
Automate processes with eCRM
Customize eCRM interfaces for each type of eCRM user

Topics Covered

Customer loyalty
Create loyal customers
The market intelligence enterprise
Managing information within the enterprise
Managing customer communication channels
CRM basics
Types of CRM
CRM objectives
CRM process, impact and success factors
CRM planning
Costs and impacts
Implementation team roles and requirements
Technology requirements and process changes
Organizational impacts
Success matrix
Preparing for Implementation
Redesigning work processes
Multistage implementations
Implementing the CRM
Bring CRM to the Internet (eCRM)
Using eCRM as a competitive advantage
eCRM features and capabilities
Disadvantages of eCRM
Automating marketing and sales departments
Customizing to reach business outcomes
Project stakeholders
Personalized messages, offers, and communication channels
Measuring speed and effectiveness
Measuring success and ROI


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