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Corporate Learning

We assist clients by providing the expertise, technology, and resources needed to build corporate learning systems that support their desired business outcomes.

Today, corporate learning involves more than focusing only on core job competencies for talent and skills development—learning agility and adaptive knowledge systems and resources are increasingly important for today’s businesses ability to compete and grow.

We've seen the evidence that commitment to a culture of organizational learning can improve business performance; however, the questions many clients face are ...

"What should our learning culture look like?"
"What learning tools, technologies and practices are needed to achieve our business outcomes?"
"How do we integrate all these into our way of doing business?"
"How do we measure, evaluate and improve our organizational learning efforts and results?”

Avalon Foster can offer you the tools and expertise needed to resolve these questions, and help you create a learning enterprise to support your future productivity and company growth. We believe your success depends on the alignment of people, processes and knowledge to achieve expected results.

For Avalon Foster this means:
Understanding your business vision or desired outcomes
Understanding how your business model supports your business outcomes
Identifying and understanding the business processes and job roles necessary to execute your business model
Assessing the competencies necessary to support processes and job roles
Structuring a dynamic learning environment with the skill-building and knowledge resources to support your employee and customer education needs


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