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Emerging Communication and Learning Technologies

Course Summary

0.5 day
Course Overview

What is the next big technology disruptor that could impact your communications and training? Well, no one knows for sure. But, one thing that’s certain is technology is advancing at a rapid pace. It’s hard to keep up with current trends let alone keep an eye on the future. This course will identify and demonstrate new(er) technologies that have the potential to disrupt marketing, communications, learning and business in general. 

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Consider technology innovations through the lens of the Gartner hype cycle
Pinpoint a personal technology adoption style
Explain new technologies and their potential impact on communications, learning and business
Identify ways in which new technologies might impact the organization 

Topics Covered

Gartner’s hype cycle
Familiar technologies
Technology trigger
Peak of inflated expectations
Trough of disillusionment
Slope of enlightenment
Plateau of productivity
Diffusion of innovations
Early adopters
Early majority
Late majority
What is your technology adoption style?
Emerging technologies
Augmented reality
Gesture-based computing
Alternate input devices
Flexible displays
3D printing
Others as they emerge
Opportunities for emerging technologies
Needs analysis
Resources for continued learning


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