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Using Social Media for Learning and Communication

Course Summary

2.0 days
Course Overview

The course explores the use of social learning and communication in organizations, the software tools used to enable online social interaction and the challenges of organizational implementation. Social learning technologies enable conversations, content creation, connections and collaboration in the organization.  When socially enabled, these activities can increase productivity, deliver knowledge at the time of need and address time and location challenges that exist in today’s organizations. 

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Describe the role social media can play in today’s organization
Explain the tools available for social learning and communication in a secure business environment
Identify opportunities for using social media in the organization
Consider the factors needed for success of a social learning initiative

Topics Covered

Social media fundamentals for the organization
Formal learning, informal learning and knowledge management
Social learning models
Social media technology for organizations
What is web 2.0?
Social media tools & features
Social learning tools & features
Opportunities for social media
SWOT analysis
Social media success factors
Organizational challenge
Executive sponsorship
Technology architecture
Internal partnerships
Culture and change management
Resources for continued learning


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