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Managerial Leadership

Course Summary

1 day
Course Overview

In this course, participants will learn about organizational leadership and its role in guiding the organization toward vision fulfillment.  Course activities also cover providing employees for organizational changes, motivating employees through change, solving problems encountered during change, and helping employees deal with grief and stress during changes. Attendees will also learn how leaders can help employees learn their roles in organizations, align their goals with those of the organization, and help prevent employee apathy. The course is filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Recognize the importance of nonverbal communication.
Define an organization's vision, draft a vision statement and communicate it
Set goals that are aligned with an organization's vision
Discuss the importance of planning changes before implementing them

Topics Covered

Leading with a vision
Role of leadership
Making vision a reality
Communicate and support vision
Implement vision
The Messenger and Risk Communication
The characteristics of effective risk communicators
How non-verbal messages influence how people understand risk information
Defining employee roles and priorities
Employee roles
Employee priorities
Employing motivational strategies
Employee motivation
Employee apathy
Planning for change
Change process
Topic B - Communication
Motivating employees through change
Motivate employees through change
Resistance and conflict
Coping through a change process
Effects of change
Failures and mistakes


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