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Leading in a High Performance Organization

Leading in a High Performance Organization

Course Summary

18 Hours
Course Overview

In this program you will learn how to engage team members and be an effective leader within a high-performance organization. Our training is support by research that tells us exactly how the best performing organizations think, act and feel. This leadership program uses data from a global assessment focused on the study of high impact, and high performance teams. The key components of the highest performing teams globally were then backward integrated to identify how others can replicate and accelerate the creation of such teams.


By taking this course, you will have the information and skills to create the same capability and results in your own organization. This course also incorporates many of the central ideas and strategies handed-down by todays though leaders and practitioners in Leadership, Performance Management, Talent Management and Corporate Learning.


Highly interactive, instructor facilitated, exercises are used throughout the program to build stronger capabilities in organizational leadership, communications, problem solving, and innovation. In each section of the training learners will become stronger and more capable leaders by practicing their new found knowledge and skills within a variety of fun and challenging exercises and scenarios.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Better engage team members
Develop better relationships with managers and subordinates
Put your team in a state of FLOW
Manage performance to achieve desire business outcomes
Anticipate potential changes that will impact the way you do business
Boost innovation to meet the next market need
Identify and develop emerging leaders
Align team learning and development to raise performance 

Topics Covered

Why leadership are styles changing
The leadership mindset
Agility, fast-failing and Innovation
Winning the war for talent
What’s common among high performing companies and teams    
High performance relationships
The rules for high performance
Their mindset
Why is “how we think and feel” important
How our brain operates and its effect on performance
Getting into flow
Flow’s secret ingredient 
How to build high-performance relationships
A five step approach
Refreshing your team’s culture
Dealing with obstacles
Why focus is important and how to use it
The three thinking patterns that affect our focus
Getting and staying focused
Leveraging the power of inquiry
How clarity can accelerate performance
Communicating to lead
How clear communication affects employee engagement
Five types of communication and when to use them
The right way to manage and measure performance
Aligning performance with desired outcomes
Outlining the performance process and accountability measures
Measuring results
Effectively using rewards & consequences
Using courage and influence to accelerate performance
Understanding and leveraging the 3 types of courage
Teaching and advocating courage
Turning courage into results and innovation
Committing to a culture of learning and innovation
Learning as a mindset
Recognizing real-time learning needs
Agile learning—processes and strategies


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