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Targeted Sales Conversations

Course Summary

0.5 day
Course Overview

The fundamental skills of sales communication are the foundation of your success. This program will teach participants the core elements required for successfully communicating your unique qualities to you ideal clients. It will teach new and seasoned sales reps the skills required to become a trusted advisor to a focused market of clients who are well suited to see the value in your product and services.

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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Be able to clearly articulate the attributes of the ideal client
Identify the three key questions to disqualify suspects and pre-qualify prospects
Communicate a succinct segue to action to engage the prospect in a sales conversation
Build a dynamic referral request
Articulate a specific referral request to put into action with 24 hours
Know how and when to use testimonials to communicate the value of your product or service
Be able to communicate the key attributes and strategies of your competitors


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