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Advanced Interpersonal Communication

Course Summary

1.0 day
Course Overview

This course is about improving interpersonal communication by identifying and using the most appropriate and effective communication styles and techniques. Participants will master techniques in asking and answering questions, using nonverbal communication, giving feedback, and empowering staff. Participants will become comfortable and competent at communicating with individuals at every level of responsibility from subordinates to senior management within their own company as well as client and vendor organizations. The training includes exercises on effectively promoting ideas, handling negotiations, and dealing with sensitive human resource issues. Participants also learn to identify an organization's communication culture, discuss how communication can perpetuate a culture, define a cultural network, and explore ways leverage a cultural network.



Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Initiate and build stronger relationships with employees, managers, and clients
Be more effective at promoting ideas, handling feedback, and finding win-win solutions
Be able to confidently handle delicate personnel and human resource issues
Leverage organization culture to create better results for you and your firm

Topics Covered

Communication styles and methods
Primary and secondary communication styles
Verbal and nonverbal communication styles
Making an impression and building rapport
Elements of the first impression
Creating a connection
Building positive relationships
Building relationships through feedback
Verbal and nonverbal feedback
Using paraphrasing
Providing positive and constructive feedback
Supervisor and human resource communications
Effective and ineffective supervisor styles
Promoting ideas and handling feedback
Negotiating compensation
Separating and resignation
Communicating with colleagues and subordinates
Honesty, ground rules and respect
Promoting and responding to new ideas
Terminating a subordinate
Communicating with customers and vendors
Ways of communication with customers
Responding to customer complaints
Rejecting vender proposals
Initiating and managing complaints with a vendor
Identifying, managing and leveraging organizational culture
Elements and characteristics of a positive organization culture
Leveraging the cultural network
Advantages and disadvantages of cultural networks
Managing the physical culture
Managing the emotional culture


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