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Virtual Tours

Problem Statement

We wanted to give visitors and incoming students a look at the structure and layout of the Harrisburg University building before the building was constructed.


An Interactive Virtual Tour


By using existing 3D files from the architect, we created a fly-through tour of the building, and added photographs after construction was complete. The user can pan around the area to see rooms and corridors. Virtual interviews with faculty and students enhance the experience.

In addition to the view of the physical building is the to participate in “synthetic interviews” that allow you to ask questions of various students, faculty, and staff members. Tour guests merely click on an individual’s image and select a question from the list provided to gain valuable insights into the University. It is also possible to strike up a conversation by typing in original questions and clicking the “Ask Question” button.

Synthetic Interview is a software technology that allows users to interact in real time with a human personality. A person can ask any question and the technology will search all possible questions in its database for a best match. The Synthetic Interview plays back a prerecorded answer that best answers the question posed by the guest.

Other Applications

We have used virtual tour learning solutions for many purposes, including a recreated model of a theater in Pittsburgh. The Virtual Tour is used in the Web site’s ticket sales section to allow patrons, before buying a ticket, to “sit” in that seat and experience the view of the stage from there.

Additional Information

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology’s Virtual Tour


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